Martine Steen – sharing circle host

Martine lives partly in Holland and partly in France. She has worked as a medical doctor for most of her life; looking beyond the obvious has always been a strong impulse. During her medical education she took a side course in medical philosophy and ethics, and subsequently helped train students not to see humans as a machine that needs fixing, but as a living soul. She maintained this vision in her work, focusing on the stories and experiences of her patients. She has worked in various medical disciplines, including at the medical centre of the University of Nijmegen, where she developed trainings in mindfulness. This gave her the possibility to look at the deeper layers of soul and meaning when thinking about health and wellbeing.

She has always experienced a deep connection with the earth and the beings that inhabit it. Reading Sharon’s If Women Rose Rooted struck a chord. She went to Ireland to attend to a retreat with Sharon and fell in love with her way of looking at life. That set in motion a series of changes, leading up to this wonderful opportunity to work with you all.